I am  honoured that you have found this space. May it hold you.

Life is a continual dive into deep inner enquiries. A process of  unlearning  and remembering.

Uncovering the deep wisdom within us. Releasing what we have stored within our minds and bodies, that no longer serves us.

Relearning how to trust our deep intuition.

Creating safety within our beings so we can express our authentic selves.

A non linear journey that is life. With the potential for great freedom and possibility. 

Crystals are an aid for us to tap into and be held by.  To support the reawakening of our deep cellular memories and wisdom. 

Crystals have a hypnotic frequency that help us move through blocks and bring us back into alignment. They reflect to us our ability to transform.


                             Listen to  the whispers of your heart.

                         Everything you need is already inside you.

                These beautiful crystals are brought to you with love.             

                              Wherever you are on your journey.


     So much more than just selling crystals.

     I am the space for the voiceless wisdom of the universe to play.

My vision is to create community and connection. To bring crystals and their wisdom into the lives of more people, to support our human  journey.

To create a space where we feel safe to share our hearts and our truth.

To support you to trust yourself and listen to your  intuition.

I pledge to be as transparent as  possible. The world of crystal mining is one with issues. I source these crystals from people whom I believe I can trust, to gather them in a more conscious way.

 I honour the strong calling I feel inside to bring these pieces and their wisdom to you.