Welcome to Nurturing Vibes​
Tap into your infinite potential through the healing vibrations of individually selected crystals.
Awaken your magic.

Consciously sourced crystals to assist your Ascension and Healing.

Nurturing Vibes was birthed from a place of love. To connect more people with crystal energy. To be a guide and support for any part of your journey. 

I want to open a doorway for you into this fascinating world of crystals and minerals.

These crystals are hand selected for their healing properties, beauty and vibrations.

“Reconnect to all that you already are. Worthy, Loved and Whole”


Our daughter was experiencing panic attacks, night terrors, separation anxiety and exhaustion. Since seeing Anna, She has transformed, she is confident, happy, calmer and no longer struggles to sleep, I'm not exaggerating when I say it was like flicking a switch. Anna gave her the tools (crystals and essences) and shes got her sparkle back. The world is a really hard place to be right now, especially for our children and I would recommend Anna to anyone who needs the space and support.
Thank you so much!  My daughter was overjoyed with her surprise package this morning.  It was very moving to watch her open it and examine and appreciate each of the crystals as she unwrapped them.  Maybe partly due to the beautifully tactile shape, but it was fascinating to see her instant connection to the sodalite. She absolutely loves the whole gift and I know she will treasure it for ever. Fabulous idea, amazing value, personal touch & information spot on, great packaging!
Anna is such a kind and caring soul. I bought crystals from her multiple times and  every crystal I got has an incredible energy. The crystals are so beautiful and come with so much good vibes I can't even describe. Anna is very helpful if you have questions and I really love her whole shopping experience! If you adopt a crystal from Anna you not only get a beautiful new crystal with a lot of energy but in deed a ton of nurturing vibes.
The flower essence blend you made for me has helped my anxiety and given me the extra push I needed for positivity. They have helped me return to work with excitement rather than anxiety. I had really shut myself off from my partner but as the anxiety has calmed and my mind is not in overdrive, I feel more like the old me and my relationship has improved.
Thank you so much Anna your crystals are incredible. You have inspired me to use them in different ways and not just sit them on a shelf. I fee I am developing a deeper relationship with them.
Thank you so much. They're gorgeous peices and you took so much care in wrapping them. I will 110% be buying from you again!
Each bundle is a perfect combination of complimentary stones, reading through the descriptions really helped me to identify a different bundle for each of my boys needs too You really are a gift
Oh my goodness my amazonite has arrived and she is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot believe how amazing it is, quite clearly the stone that I need right now for so many reasons. It’s beautiful- all the crystals I have bought off you have been absolutely stunning. Thank you so much
Crystals arrived perfectly thanks! They are so beautiful and feel very very right for supporting me through this next phase

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